JusRCS is a feature-rich, multiple platform and customizable real-time communication client conformed to China Mobile Converged Communication standards. Based on GSMA RCS, JusRCS is interoperable with major RCS servers and is compatible with multiple operator environments such as China Mobile, Telefonica, etc.
It supports standard RCS functions of IM message, short message, group message, group chat, voice call, video call and address book assistant. JusRCS supports any devices of iOS and Android platforms.
Instant Message
1 to 1 message and group chat are seamlessly integrated with SMS.
User experience design
Our experienced UI team always follows USE(Usable, Simple, Elegant) concept of design to meet needs of enterprise level users.
Test feedback
We test repeatedly under RCS testing environment for interoperability, UX (user experience), and product stability.
JusRCS is not only feature-rich but also embraced with years of RCS developing experience from Juphoon. It is undergone plenty of interoperability and stability tests and with a lot of improvements on user experience design.
Standards Compliance
Our professional SDK team always follows up latest standards of GSMA RCS and China Mobile Converged Communication.
Compatibility and interoperability
JusRCS is compatible with multiple operators' commercial environments like China Mobile, Telefonica and is interoperable with RCS clients like Summit, WIT, Huawei, and Coolpad.
Flexible business model
We provide JusRCS as a white label client. Based on our strong knowledge and experiences in China Mobile Converged Communication and GSMA RCS standards, we help the mobile phone manufacturers to enable their own RCS in a much shorter time and cost effective way.
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Advisory telephone
Advisory mailbox:sales@juphoon.com
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