RTP protocol provides end to end transmission services for a number of data services with real-time characteristics (such as interactive audio and video applications). The services include the confirmation of payload type, the serialization of packets, time stamps and transmission monitoring. RTCP protocol provides feedback about the data transmission quality of RTP. If participants in multimedia sessions transmit RTCP packets periodically, the server will dynamically change transfer rates, payload types and other information about real-time data according to feedback on the transmission quality, which, therefore, will maximize the transmission efficiency. Within Juphoon’s Protocol Stack framework, RTP/RTCP modules provide interfaces to other upper layer protocols (e.g. SIP and MGCP) for the real-time data transmission.
User Interface – Friendly API
Transmit Control –  To produce SS / SR RTCP report
Session –  Session management of media stream
Timer –  Real-time media transmission timer
Transport –  RTP and RTCP are transported by UDP
Our RTP/RTCP Protocol Stack
Developed by ANSI C
Supporting cross-platform based on ZOS
Protocol log management
Protocol statistics
Comply with IETF RFC 3550 and RFC 3551
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