Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language- that is to say, “mark” refers to the information symbols that the computer can understand. By such marks, computers can deal with the articles that contain a variety of information between each other.
XML not only provides a means to represent and display the data, but also provides a standard API for processing XML data. There are two types of API, namely, SAX and DOM.

SAX (The Simple API for XML) is event-based XML to parse API and its functions are relatively simple. Such event-driven API will use a SAX parser to register your handle and activate your callback method whenever it catches a new XML tag (or encounters an error, or wants to tell you something).

DOM defines a standard command set that the analysis program should display, allowing you to access the content of XML documents in the program. An XML parser that supports DOM fetches the data from the XML document and displays this through a set of objects that it is able to program . DOM transforms an XML document into an object in the collection, and then you can access any part of the data at any time to modify, delete or insert new data. DOM is characterized by its strong performance, but it takes much more time for analysis and uses more memory resources.

XML Software Suite

XML standard parser
• SAX parser interface
• DOM parser interface
• SAXX Juphoon new SAX parser interface
• EAX Juphoon XML application protocol interface
• XPath search interface
Performance of Juphoon XML parser
The parsing efficiency of XML is critical in many applications. In many scenarios, parsing accounts for 40% to 60% of the application resource time.LIBXML is a typical, good piece of open-source XML processing software. Here we compare LIBXML and Juphoon XML through SAX parsing.
Test Condition
SAX1.0 standard parser. Hardware is CPU: P4M 718 MHz; RAM: 512MB;dealing 30,000 times.
Test Sample
There are 131 XML message files and configuration files of different sizes and structures. Most of the test samples are from LIBXML and the total test packet is 260K bytes.
Our XML Features
Juphoon XML parser provides two interfaces- SAX and DOM. Users can use both types of interfaces to encode and decode XML documents.
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