SIP Stack
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol developed by the IETF MMUSIC working team. It was proposed as a standard for establishing, modifying and terminating interactive user sessions, including various multimedia such as video, audio, instant messaging, online games and virtual reality. SIP has officially been approved as one of 3GPP signaling protocols and a permanent unit of IMS architecture. (From Wikipedia)
Why choose SIP?
SIP is expressed in the form of text. Its syntax is easy to understand and the semantics is close to human natural language. Hence, as a communication signaling protocol, SIP is very conducive to communication whether for development, debugging, or interoperability test.
RFC3261, among which are documents defined by the IETF, OMA, GSMA and 3GPP Organizations. And thus various types of business expand. SIP has no restriction in communication carrier and can build any SIP protocol structure boasts of strong scalability. So far, there are hundreds of extension protocol based on the SIP core of Protocol.
SIP can work together with many other protocols to provide more powerful business capability. It includes SDP,DHCP, HTTP、DNS, RADIUS, XCAP, TBCP, MSRP, etc. What’s more, it can even work with the protocols that you defined.
SIP is getting more and more popular. Apart from the traditional application of VoIP, SIP is also adopted as the main protocol in IMS architecture, the application system of IP domain in 3G and 4G LTE and the network operator area. SIP protocol is broadly used by the Internet and IT vendors. Some of the examples are Microsoft, Apple and AOL.
Supported Sipping business
Call Hold
Consultation Hold
Music On Hold
Transfer - Unattended (subscribe/notify)
Transfer - Attended (subscribe/notify)
Transfer - Instant Messaging
Call Forwarding Unconditional
Call Forwarding - Busy
Call Forwarding - No Answer
3-way Conference - Third Party is Added
3-way Conference - Third Party Joins
Single Line Extension
Fined - Me
Call Management (Incoming Call Screening)
Call Management (Outgoing Call Screening)
Call Park
Call Pickup, two (or more) parts can pick up each other’s calls
Automatic Redial
Click to Dial
SIP Application
SIP based Phone (VoIP Phone, IP Phone, Softphone)
SIMPLE (Instant Message, Presence Leveraging)
OMA Push to Talk over Cellular
SIP Server (B2BUA, Proxy, AS, etc.)
Implemented by ANSI C
Supporting concurrent upper multi-user
Supporting multiple transmission way: UDP / TCP, SSL / TLS
Handling primitive of SIP messages based on classification
Supporting Windows, VxWorks, Linux, Solaris and other operating systems based on ZOS
Thread-safe mechanism
Efficient classification timer management strategy (patent ZL200610161165.2)
Log Management of Protocol
Performance Statistics of Protocol
Compliant with IETF standards, with high completeness.
Very efficient, with parser performance 5-9 times higher than that of other like products or open source software.
7 years of technology accumulation, enable our products adaptive to complex network envrionment, like Softswitch, IMS, RCS, AS、Proxy, SBC, IP-PBX, Call Center, Gateway, AG/IAD, SIP Phone, and compatible to other devices. 
Supporting rich standard extension,  such as 3GPP IMS, GSMA RCS/RCS-e, IETF SIPPING and SIMPLE, easy to maintenance.
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