It's just there, it just works
joyn is a market brand for RCS launched by GSMA. By combining with mobile phone number, joyn brings messaging and rich voice capabilities in an all-IP world, including image sharing, video sharing and file transfer.
What is joyn by Juphoon?
We are officially offering RCS-e client under GSMA-licensed joyn brand that combines all the communication ways and helps operators compete with over-the-top (OTT) service providers. It leverages the "no registration, it's just there, it just works" principles of RCS-e and supports voice call, instant message, file transfer, image share and video share.
Based on RCS technology
joyn provide IP-based service
Instant Messaging
Real-time Content Share
Live Video in a Call
New Innovated Service
In-call sharing
Video sharing Capability querying Camera switching
Registration & Contacts
Auto-configuration and
Capability discovery
Contacts details
Instant message
Converged messaging Fully integrated messaging Group chat
In-call sharing
Video sharing Capability querying Camera switching
Compatibility and Interoperability
Operators with Compatibility and Interoperability
Server manufacturers
Juphoon joyn client is interoperable with servers/operator environments above
Future of joyn
Currently led by Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica, joyn is available in many regions of Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, with continuous influence to other regions. Meanwhile, joyn is also supported by a list of device manufacturers. Increasing number of mobile users will be able to use joyn service with consistent user experience.
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