Vik Qian
Chairman of the

Vik Qian is responsible for Juphoon’s day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

He co-founded the company with Leo Lv and Bob Liu in 2005 and was the first president and marketing director until 2010—growing the company steady and profitable. Under his leadership, Juphoon has successfully developed and launched several stable and high-quality software development platform and middleware products, and has become an excellent hi-tech enterprise.
Since 2011, Vik has served as president of products. With this role, he also acts as a voice and video signal researcher, focusing on research and development of advanced technology, such as SPo bitstream algorithm.
Prior to co-founding Juphoon, Vik was the chief technology officer of Shenzhen Kehao Info Co., Ltd., in charge of dozens of projects, such as banking call center and real-time communication software platform. Vik holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology from Ningbo University.
Leo Lv

Leo Lv co-founded Juphoon with Vik Qian and Bob Liu in 2005, initially serving as vice president and product director, leading the company’s execution of product development and digital strategy, as well as being responsible for day-to-day operations together with Bob and Vik.

Under his leadership, Juphoon has successfully developed and launched several advanced software platforms, rich protocol stacks and middleware products, as well as established an efficient standardization system of products.
Leo has served as marketing director of the company since 2011, and is also responsible for team building and management of the company's design department, IT department and HR department of the company.
Prior to co-founding Juphoon, Leo worked for Shenzhen Harbor Network, UTStarcom and Huawei, and was responsible for the development of communication software protocol stacks, which gave him rich programming experiences and strong capability in software architecture design. Leo holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology from Harbin Institute of Technology.
Bob Liu

Bob Liu co-founded Juphoon with Vik Qian, Leo Lv in 2005. From 2005 to 2010, he was president of R&D and finance, where he led the research and development of advanced technology and shared responsibilities for the company’s day-to-day operations with Vik and Leo.

Under his leadership, the R&D department has mastered a batch of industry-leading technologies related to Multimedia Engine, signaling compression and real-time communication. Together with Leo, Bob shoulders the responsibility for technology development of the company’s core products such as software platform, protocol stacks and middleware. He has served as chief product officer of platform software since 2011.
Prior to co-founding the company, Bob was a senior engineer of Shenzhen Chuangwei Computer Sicence and Technology Co., Ltd. , responsible for system construction and application development of STB. He is an excellent professional in computer theory, algorithm research, software programming and other fields of computer technology. Bob received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology from Xi’an Jiaotong University.
Jian Lu

Jian Lu joined Board of Directors of Juphoon Corp in 2013, responsible for company’s strategic planning and corporate operations.

Mr. Lu is CTO of 360 Video, before which he was CTO of Ku6 Media. Before Ku6, he was VP of Multimedia Technology and founding Managing Director of Shanda Innovations, Beijing, a subsidiary of Shanda Networking. Previously, he was founder and CTO at Vobile, Inc. Before founding Vobile, he worked at Apple, first as Senior Scientist and then Principal Engineer of Pro Video Codecs, leading the design and development of Apple QuickTime in the areas of image and video compression, streaming, and multimedia interactivity.
Mr. Lu holds a Bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University, a Master’s degree from China Academy of Railway Sciences, and a PhD from Dartmouth College.
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