About Juphoon
Juphoon, a software developer focusing in fields of mobile video and converged communication, involves itself to provide rich and unified communication solutions for network operators and mobile Internet enterprises. We have accumulated with over a thousand of man-years experience in rich communication services (RCS and joyn), mobile IP voice and video call (VoIP/ VoLTE), mobile multimedia engine. Our customers and partners come from all over the world, including many well-known companies such as China Mobile, Microsoft, and Coolpad.
Juphoon was founded in 2005, with headquarters in Ningbo and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Changsha.
Design Principle : USE
SDK solution: stable, full-featured, highly compatible and interoperable.
Client solution: to best meet functional requirements, and support multi-device environments.
Turnkey solution: implement immediately and work well across platform and on varied devices; support large-capacity and high-concurrency, able to meet small business to large operational demands.
SDK solution: intuitive, simple service logic, and easy to integrate across platforms.
Client solution: clear and simple UI design, easy to use.
Turnkey solution: clear and simple UI design, easy to use; real-time video quality monitoring and management platform, easy to maintain and manage.
SDK solution: friendly naming conventions, standardized interfaces, simple and clear service framework.
Client solution: friendly UI design and comfortable user experience.
Turnkey solution: most comfortable calling experience on all supported devices and networks.
USE is one of the core values of Juphoon products, indicating our design concept of making it simple, elegant and brilliant both inside and out.
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