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Our Core Product Lines

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Juphoon 16-Year Underlying Audio and
Video Technology Accumulation

Operation and maintenance guaranteed, quality assured

Powerful Audio and Video Engine

Facilitate the development of mobile voice and video communication app, break through two major barriers: heterogeneous network problem and terminal equipment difference, and make calls clear and smooth.

Real-Time Global Network Transmission

Global node deployment, over 200 countries and regions coverage, 78ms latency and high-level concurrency.

Full Coverage of Platforms

Support the interconnection among Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, AliOS, H5 and WeChat applet.

Easy to Develop and Use

Integrated development achieved through abstract and cross-platform user interface with user document and development sample.

Comprehensive Support Service, Escort You for Success!

Consulting Service

One specialist for one consumer. Provide targeted solutions.

Global Support Service

Personalized and on-site support service.

All-Year-Round Operation and Maintenance Service

Remote guidance service around the clock. Early technical support without charge.

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Juphoon, Your Best Choice

Juphoon, Your Best Choice