JusTex , as a SIP-based VoIP client, or softphone, is interoperable with IP-PBX, SIP server, softswitch and IMS core network. It perfectly integrates office phone with mobile communication, just like installing the office extension into your cellphone, which not only saves the cost, but also makes your communication more splendid and convenient.
You can use the standard client – JusTex on you cellphone as an office extension, or you may contact us to get a customized client.
Voice Call
JusTex supports most of the popular telephony features such as DTMF, prefix function, call holding, call transfer, call switching, etc. We have developed our own algorithms to address the echo and noise problems during a phone call.
Video Call
JusTex supports 720P, VGA, and CIF. We have developed our own media technology called JusQoS to ensure the smooth and stable video call on erratic and fickle network.
Server Configuration
JusTex supports user defined SIP account and server configuration. It is interoperable with servers like IP-PBX, IMS, softswitch and SBC etc.
6-way Audio Conference
JusTex supports audio conference up to 6 parties without any conference server. It is designed for enterprise users.
Address Book
JusTex synchronizes all the contacts of the user’s phone address book.
With our media processing technologies as JusQoS, BEM, and MDM, JusTex
provides excellent mobile communication user experience.
JusTex is designed for mobile network, keeping your phone call smooth and stable even when the network is switching between Wi-Fi and 3G.
JusTex manages video effect in a call according to the device’s capability. It makes the video clearly visible in different conditions and delivers most comfortable experience to the user.
We develop BEM technology which saves up to 65% of bandwidth usage compared with other products.
We do our best to provide you a user-friendly
communication experience.
Skipping to address book from the dialer... Making regular PTSN call when network is unavailable...
Matching prefix setting with your PBX... We consider every possible scene.
Our customization service
UI Design
We have an experienced UI design team. Our design has always been keeping the concept of USE, which indicates Usable, Simple, and Elegant, satisfying enterprise users’ requirements.
Calling Service
We provide flexible and dynamic customization service for development, modification and testing works for any standard, extended and IMS MMTEL telephony features. We meet the requirements of the enterprise customers for what they exactly need.
Technical Support
We provide email, telephone and on-site technical support for 24/7.
Advisory telephone
Advisory mailbox:sales@juphoon.com
Or leave your message, we will contact you later!